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CPR Training Classes
in Dallas, Texas

Where life-saving skills are the heart of the party

Our mission is to make learning CPR, AED use, and basic first aid accessible and approachable to the layperson (aka a non-medical professional). We do this through modernized, hands-on group classes delivered to your doorstep...but we make it fun. This isn't your average boring classroom setting  - we think learning life-saving skills is a reason to grab your friends and a drink and have a night in with Vital Functions. 

The Vital Functions Story

Hey! We are John and Lauren Tabler, the founders of Vital Functions. We were your typical early-30s married couple until January 28th, 2024 when John went into sudden cardiac arrest while sitting on the couch watching TV. Lauren luckily was right next to him and quickly called 911, performing CPR on John until the paramedics arrived and shocked him with a defibrillator to restart his heart. 


Of course, this event made us huge advocates of the importance of CPR training, but it also opened our eyes to a gap of making hands-only CPR training something people actually wanted to spend time doing. After we went through extensive CPR, AED, and First Aid Instructor Training through the American Heart Association, Vital Functions was born. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest, by the numbers

Source: American Heart Association 


EMS-assessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrests that occur in the United States each year


Of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes


Of people who experience an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest do not receive the immediate help that they need to survive before EMS arrives


Of people who experience cardiac arrest outside of the hospital die


Immediate CPR can triple the chance of survival after cardiac arrest

Cardiac Arrest is scary. CPR shouldn't be.

That's why we've created an approachable and fun way to learn CPR in the comfort of your home or business. Only the "vital" information (see what we did there) and none of the boring technical info.

Our signature hands-only CPR course was created by the layperson, for the layperson. 

Our Signature Everyday Hero CPR Course: What You'll Learn 

Adult, Child, and Infant

Hands-Only CPR

Hands-only CPR chest compressions training

Think sharing a drink is gross? Same. We teach hands-only CPR, which the American Heart Association cites is just as effective in the first few minutes as conventional CPR. Forget the mouth to mouth part and practice proper chest compressions on both adult and infant manikins. You'll even get your own personal CPR song to practice to...step aside BeeGees, it's time for a refresh. 

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) Use

AED (automatic external defibrillator) use and training

If you've ever seen those weird shock-y boxes at the airport and wondered what they're for, this part is for you. We will discuss what an AED is, where they're found, when to use it, and how to properly deliver a potentially life-saving shock. We'll get hands-on again with practice AEDs and our manikin friends. 

Basic First Aid

Basic first aid education and training

Although the majority of our course covers the cardiac arrest, the most severe emergency event, there are of course other life-threatening situations to prepare for. We will walk through basic first aid skills for choking, heart attack, stroke, major bleed wounds, seizure, allergic reactions, and many others. At the end, we will put your new skills to the test with some live scenario role-playing, complete with prizes!


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